Start Gay dating fredericton

Gay dating fredericton

Today, we're following up on a story we broke for you on Monday: A 2,700 page document-dump from Fredericton High School in New Brunswick.

Dating someone of your own race is also racist, and you, as a good, non-racist person, TO interfere with their relationship.

This according to a radically violent, anti-speech hate group who incited the public stabbings of 7 people in Sacramento and brutal beatings with flag-shaped clubs in broad daylight on Sunday.

I think back to my highschool days when bullies were universally despised and dealt with by other students to a point where they changed or left (for their own safety) How Canadian manhood has changed.

what’s going on in schools, and teachers are afraid to call out which culture is causing violent backlash in schools. If you’re offended by anything below, it just proves how divisive and pervasive regressive thought is: There’s a lot more to fear in schools from regressives: - Radical anti-capitalism, (keeping people from competing with established business) - Anti-conservatism, (you’re never going to be liberal enough for regressives) - Anti-Christian, (pro-Islam, pro-immigrant, anti-criticism of insane immigration policy) - Radical 3rd-wave feminism (hatred of men plus a victim mentality inflicted on girls…

Then again, if these cbc is too busy with anti trump pro mrs slick willie articles aka pandering to their very small flock of borderline imbeciles, to bother reporting anything canadian.

oh wait these “refugees” arent actually canadians for at least another 3 minutes.

These are just the facts—agreed upon and reiterated in over 2,700 pages of correspondence between school staff.

And what I’ve shown you today is just a glimpse in to the astounding world revealed to us in the pile of documents we’ve received -- so far.

Trudeau et al and the remain whining elites don’t have to worry about stuff like this.

They’re safely hidden away in their privileged gated white communities and their kids go to privileged private all white schools. So why aren’t these pro-facists who are mostly white and say they want to end whiteness committing mass suicide?

If a kid in an elementary school makes fun of another student because he is “gay” The Rebel will be there.